Monday, December 31, 2007

January's BIAM Challenge

Tristi's got another challenge for us, and I'm so excited to take it up!

I'm going to finish my Devils' Daughter by golly! The Devils' Daughter is about Desolation Black, daughter of Luke Black, aka Lucifer. Now that she's sixteen dear old dad expects her to join the family business, that is the business of ruining lives and devouring souls. The only problem is, Desi wants nothing more than to be good. The Devils' Daughter takes Desi through her growing process when she finds out who she really is.

I know, my 'blurb' needs work. But you get the picture. It's an LDS book - Desi's not LDS but two of the main characters are and the book deals with one girls desire to be baptized into the LDS Church and all the obstacles that stand in her way. I love this book; writing it has been a ton of fun, thought sometimes I'm tempted to get a little dark and I want to steer away from that.

So, my goal for this challenge is 1000 words a day for a total of 31, 000 words during this challenge. Currently, I'm at 32, 413 words so ... well, what the heck, I may as well aim for an even 65, 000 words. So I guess my goal will be about 1, 050 then to make it to 65, 000 so then I may as well just aim for 1, 100 words. Hey, I can do it!

I'll keep a little ticker on the sidebar there so you can keep track of me.

Go Me!