Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 My Year in Review

I had a lot I wanted to write about but time is short so I doubt I'll do my thoughts justice. Nevertheless, for posterity's sake I'll make a stab at summing up the year 2007 for me:

  • This was the year I got a little older - I noticed quite a few more wrinkles (where I had none prior to this year) a bit more stubborn flab. Great.
  • But that's pretty much all the bad ... now on to the good! I made quite a few new friends, who have each brought great blessings into my life.
  • I truly became a writer. I finished my second book and am well on my way to finishing my third. I got a ton of rejection letters and placed in three writing competitions. "I am a writer. I will NOT live like a normal person." That phrase, written on the freebie-bag given at the LDStorymakers conference changed my life.
  • My family got pretty good at having regular and enjoyable family home evenings!
  • We even instituted a family scripture time that we've been able to stick with reasonably well!
  • I started karate - something I've always wanted to do, but was afraid to try. And even won two trophies this year!
  • I have enjoyed my first year in the Young Women organization at Church and have been really blessed for it.
  • I've learned a lot about myself and by not being afraid to look at my feelings and behavior, and to talk about it with friends, I have grown and improved.
  • Oh yeah, I started writing professionally (well, sort of!). How cool is that?
  • We got entirely out of debt!
  • I survived a hysterectomy and am a lot better off for it.
  • I got a dog - Jack who is in his naughty teenage years but I love him.
I think that's all I can think of! The sum of it all though is that it's been a great year, and there's every reason to expect that NEXT year will be even better!

Thanks for reading my blog this year and encouraging me along the way - ya'll have been amazing friends that have made my life easier. Thank you!!!