Thursday, January 10, 2008

Beautiful Bodacious Babbling Blogging Babes

Today we had our third meeting of the Beautiful Bodacious Babbling Blogging Babes. We missed a ton of people, who I was sorry were not there, but Julia, Donna, Karlene, Heather, Tristi and of course Candace (our fearless leader) were there. I enjoyed the smaller group as I tend to get a bit intimidated in large-group gatherings. I got to actually exchange words with every single woman, though not nearly enough. I am probably the epitome of 'babbling' and would like to have a serious sit-down, face-to-face with each one of these 'bodacious' women.

Today we learned about Donna and her daughter Julia and I was thoroughly impressed. What amazing women they are! I'm dumbfounded why beautiful Julia is not held tight in some knight-in-shining armor's arms though; she's a catch!

So, on the drive home (about 50 minutes) I was thinking about the name of our little group and how it sort of embarasses me. When I got the restaurant I was the first one there and when I had to name our group, I said, "Umm, Candace Salima?" Hoping she would have put it under her name. The girl at the counter consulted her magic book and said, "You mean, Blogging Babes?" I'm sure I blushed when I admitted that yes, that was the group.

Why does the name embarrass me? Is it the 'babe" part? So I decided to help myself, and inform all of you, by breaking it down and examining why Beautiful Bodacious Babbling Blogging Babes is a name to be proud of.

Beautiful: If I hadn't sounded redundant and insincere, I would have told every one of those women I was with today how beautiful they looked to me. It's in their eyes. They fairly radiate and it's lovely.

Bodacious: Originally this word referred to a full-figured woman but now (perhaps thanks to Bill and Ted and their Excellent Adventure?) it's a form of high praise or 'most excellentness'. I think that the women in this group are all worthy of high praise indeed.

Babbling: I always think of a happily running stream when I think of this word. It actually paints a picture in mind. I love words like that. The word 'babbling' mainly means noncoherent streams of syllables but buried deep in the subtext of the defnition is the word 'chatter' which I'm sure Candace was thinking of when she dubbed us. So, I'll go with chatter. We like to talk. We have lots to talk about. As writers, we have lots of opinions about the world and like share those opinions.

Blogging: That's obvious, isn't it?

Babes: This is the word that hangs me up the most, I think. What is a babe? Is it rude or egotistical of me to refer to myself as a 'babe'. I have to admit, I have never, ever thought of myself as a babe. But maybe 'babe' has more to do with our affinity for one another, like how we'd call a dear friend or sister 'babe', rather than our stunning good looks (after all we already covered that one in 'beautiful'.) You know, my mom called me Babe. She'd say "I love you, Babe," with a sort of love in her voice that was tangible and sing to my heart and make it hum. I can still recall the feeling those words evoked in me. I was her babe. Perhaps, then, I am a babe after all.

After meeting these girls today, seeing our new logo (look to Candace to unveil that soon, I hope!) and getting to know the other ladies a teensy bit, I think I ought to be proud to be associated with them, whatever we call ourselves. But Beautiful Bodacious Babbling Blogging Babes is as good a name as any, right? Though don't be surprised if I tend to refer to us as the BB's or something like anyway :)

To all of our sister BB's out there who did not make it to todays lunch - you were missed! There were many empty chairs reserved just for you. I hope you can make it next time!