Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Happy Family

Recently I expressed to you how much I depend on my husband, what a support and comfort he is to me. Today I went to apply for a job. I am so conflicted about this. I had the opportunity to apply for a position that could allow me to work for 30 hours a week and receive medical insurance for my family for a reasonable price. Considering the alternative, this would be a great blessing for us. BUT, I can't stand the idea of not being there for my boys.

Since I had a very special spiritual experience before I was married about the importance of motherhood, I have considered caring for my children to be THE job I was sent to earth to do.

I had spent my growing up years anticipating the career I would one day have. I was going to be a constitutional lawyer, perhaps even Prime Minister of Canada! Even after I was married, I enjoyed a lot of success in the jobs I held. I especially enjoyed a job that could have become a wonderful career in human resources; when I left the job I was the Human Resource Manager for a large locomotive manufacturer with over 1500 employees under my jurisdiction.

Yet, motherhood called, and I gave it all up to answer that call.

My children did not come easy, nor has it ever been easy for me to be a mother. Yet, I feel so strongly about it and feel immensely blessed by it.

Now, I may have to go to work to help my family bridge the gap a little bit. My dear sweet hubby does not want me to have to go to work, bless him. He feels his responsibility to provide for us as strongly as I feel to nurture this family. It would only be a temporary thing, yet I'm so worried about it! I worry that once I start working ... I'll be trapped.

David will not make me work a moment longer than I have to work. He will do all that he can in the meantime to ensure that I don't even have to start. President Hinckley said:

“I believe in the family where there is a husband who regards his companion
as his greatest asset and treats her accordingly;
where there is a wife who looks upon her husband as her anchor and strength,
her comfort and security; where there are children who look to mother and father with respect and gratitude; where there are parents who look upon those children
as blessings and find a great and serious and wonderful challenge
in their nurture and rearing"

("Teachings of Gordon B. Hinckley" (1997), 205.

This is my family. David loves me and wants me to be home. He treats me like a Queen and only wants me to be happy. David is most assuredly my anchor and my strength. Together, we can weather this storm. Even if I do have to go to work.