Monday, January 14, 2008

Update on David, cont'd ...

I didn't want to add on again ... just didn't. So there.

It's Monday night and David is still not home. Apparently they've seen some of the 'bad' rhythm stuff that isn't allowed so he can't go home until they've isolated that. Argh. I was so jacked up expecting him to be home that when I left the hospital empty handed I just wanted to cry. I am not a very good mommy without my man!

Isn't that a weird thing? I mean, I do all the stuff, mainly, when David is around. I cook, clean, entertain the kids, manage their crises and such. Why should it be any different when he's not around? I think it's because He is MY support. I can do a good job supporting the kids - even him - because HE is supporting ME. Without him, I'm like a rock climber without the tether. A kite without the string. A drum without a stick. Kind of useless.

He better come home soon, darn it! I'm not getting a darn thing done!