Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fun Read

Recently I went to the library to find something to drown my sorrows in. No, I did not turn to the Whitney Award Finalists to fill this need. Instead I picked up something light, silly and totally new. I got Karma Girl by first-timer Jennifer Estep.

Before you get too excited, you must know this is a book for girls and it's probably oh, umm, "R" rated. There are about two fairly visual sex scenes - it wasn't paint-by-numbers, so I liked it :) but if that sort of thing is a joy-kill for you, then watch out! You can tell they are coming, and they are very short scenes, so just skip them.

Otherwise, the read was fun, fast, witty and, what I loved best about it, totally new and different. Fantasy mixed with reality, the book features Carmen Cole who's been jilted in love by her fiance (on her wedding day no less) and her best friend who both turn out to be superheroes and/or ubervillains. Carmen makes it her life mission to unmask each and every mask-wearing, tight-stretching poser for the benefit of all the normal people they are lying to each and every day. The tables get turned on Carmen though when one of her exposed superheroes kills himself and karma turns to bite Carmen on the behind.

Just what I needed as a little escape right now. Thank you Jennifer Estep! When I went to find the cover to put up here I discovered that while Jennifer just released Karma Girl in May of 2007, her second book, Hot Mama, was released in November - good for her! She has yet a third book in the series to come out in September of this year.