Saturday, January 05, 2008

Each Life That Touches Ours For Good

Yesterday I had a conversation with another mom at karate and the things she said have been a real blessing to me. I am still kind of trying to take it all in. She has been through a real struggle over the past year and in the course of trying to survive her challenges she learned some new things. It was these new things she was telling me about. One of them was the value of positive self-talk.

Now, I don't currently do any 'mantras' but I have and I do believe that talking positively to yourself does work. I've seen it work in my own life. However, I haven't stuck with it. I am aware enough to know that the yucky talk that bombards me nearly non-stop (no one likes you, you have no talent, you're fat, ugly, dumb ...) come from the adversary and have no place in my life, I haven't really made a conscious connection to positive self-talk being a divine thing.

But this girl said something really revelatory to me. She said that she didn't really think of saying positive things to herself as 'self-talk' she thought of it as an exercise in faith. God created her with divine potential, He created her with all the possibility of a daughter of God. So when she says nice things to herself, she is only giving voice to the divine within.

Isn't that amazing? Life-altering, even?

For me, I think it might be. My number one resolution this year was to be more kind to myself, to appreciate my achievements despite my shortcomings. So far, I'm off to a rather lousy start on all of my other goals - and in fact, I started to list for you where I have fallen short! But I deleted it because the point I am trying to make is that today is a new day, I am a daughter of God and today I can do better. I will do better.

Heavenly Father loves me and my conversation with this girl reminded me that He would want me to be saying nice things to myself - perhaps in doing so I would be giving voice to the whisperings of the Spirit, direct communication from a loving Father.